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House Royce of Runestone

Black iron studs on bronze, bordered with rune

General Information

The Royces are descended from the First Men who once populated the Vale, although no doubt they have since been heavily intermarried with the Andals who conquered the Vale millenia ago. The armor which Lord Royce wears is said to be ancient, made of bronze plates covered in the runes of the First Men which supposedly have the virtue of defending the wearer from harm. Their motto is, “We Remember.”

Bronze Yohn Royce, a renowned warrior who won the melee for Joffrey’s nameday tournament, rules the house. He has three grown sons; his heir Ser Andar, Ser Robar, and Ser Waymar. Ser Waymar is a new ranger of the Night’s Watch, his father and perhaps one or both of his siblings accompanying him to Winterfell and the Wall on his journey to take the black.

Information about House Royce that reveals spoilers from the books.