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House Smallwood of Acorn Hall

Six brown acorns, 3-2-1, on yellow

General Information

The Smallwoods are vassal lords to Lord Vance. Acorn Hall has a stone curtain wall and a great oaken keep. Their motto is, “From These Beginnings.” The only Smallwoods to appear has Thoren Smallwood, a senior ranger of the Night’s Watch who is of a lesser branch of the house, and Lady Ravella of House Swann, wife to Lord Theomar Smallwood. Lady Ravella has a daughter named Carellen and had a son who died at seven. A Myles Smallwood, who was renowned for his courage, was once Hand to a king but was a failure.


Lady Ravella offers aid and shelter to the brotherhood without banners, and sheltered Arya Stark briefly. She is great friends with Tom o’ Sevens, and was rumored to have been his lover once. Her daughter Carellen was sent to a motherhouse at Oldtown where Ravella’s great-aunt is a septa when the war began. Lord Smallwood appears to have been present at the Red Wedding, but his fate is unknown.