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House Westerling of the Crag

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General Information

The Crag is located on the western coast and was once well-regarded. The Westerling’s fortunes have faltered over the years, with lands and mines being sold until the Westerlings were reduced to little wealth and influence. Their motto is, “Honor, Not Honors.” Lord Gawen Westerling is the current head of the house. He is married to Lady Sybelle of House Spicer and has two sons and two daughters by her: Ser Raynald, Jeyne, Eleyna, and Rollam. Another Jeyne Westerling was queen to King Maegor I.

The marriage to Sybell Spicer has brought the house even lower, as the Spicers are descended from a common tradesman and a foreign woman who was said to be a priestess and maegi.

Information about House Westerling that reveals spoilers from the books.