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Ser Lothor Brune

A bearpaw, brown on white, beneath three apple cores red, green, and red, on a golden chief

General Information

Ser Lothor is first met as a freerider competing in the Hand’s Tourney in King’s Landing, where he performs well. He enters Littlefingers service at some point. He is a poor relation to the knightly Brunes of Brownhollow, although they denied him when he sought them out following his father’s death.


When Lord Petyr went to the Reach to try to bring about a marriage alliance, he took a large escort which included Brune. Once the alliance was arranged, Lord Tywin and Lord Mace lead their combined forces against Stannis at the Blackwater, where they win a great victory. At the Blackwater, Brune won the name Apple-Eater after cutting his way through a crowd of Fossoway men-at-arms to kill Ser Bryan and Ser Edwyd of the red apple Fossoways and capture Ser Jon of the green apple Fossoways. For this, he was made a knight and promised land and a keep in the riverlands at the end of the war. Ser Lothor went on to serve Littlefinger in his intrigues and in the Vale, where he was made captain of the guard at the Eyrie. He has apparently become enamored with Mya Stone.