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I: 628-630 - The Red Door

This is a summary, rather than a quote from the book.

Dany sees the red door of her favorite home in Braavos, and then she is making love to Drogo beneath a daylight sky full of stars before great wings sweep overheard. The stars disappear and the world is enveloped in flame. Next she sees Ser Jorah telling her of Rhaegar having been the last dragon as he warms his hands over a fire where the stone eggs smolder. He loses substance and disappears, only to be replaced by Viserys screaming and attacking her while the molten gold trickles over him.

Then Dany sees her son, tall and proud with Drogo's skin and her hair, and violet eyes shaped like almonds. He smiles and reaches for her, but fire pours from his mouth and then he is consumed by fire. Next come ghosts, dressed as kings with hair of silver, gold, and platinum, and eyes of opal, amethyst, tourmaline, and jade. They cry out that she must go faster and faster. Pain rips through her and her skin tears open, revealing the shadow of wings. Then she flies.

Again she sees the red door in Braavos, but then she is flying over the Dothraki sea, everything fleeing in terror before her. She can sense home beyond the door, "green fields and great stone houses and arms to keep her warm". Then she sees Rhaegar in his armor, but when she lifts the visor of his helm the face within is her own. And then there is only pain, fire within her, and the whispering of stars.

So much of this looks like nothing more than true fever dreams. However, the vision of her son bursting into flame may indicate that she has traded the life of her son for dragons. The home with the "great stone houses and arms to keep her warm" may be Westeros, although whether the arms are of someone past, present, or future, or simply longed for, is impossible to say.