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V: 6, 551 - Mother Mole’s Prophecy

P. 6:

Hundreds more went off with the woods witch who'd had a vision of a fleet of ships coming to carry the free folk south. "We must seek the sea," cried Mother Mole, and her followers turned east.

p. 551:

"Supposedly she made her home in a burrow beneath a hollow tree. Whatever the truth of that, she had a vision of a fleet of ships arriving to carry the free folk to safety across the narrow sea. Thousands of those who fled the battle were desperate enough to believe her. Mother Mole has led them all to Hardhome, there to pray and await salvation from across the sea."

Mother Mole's vision appears to come true, but not in the way she foresaw. Ships do arrive at Hardhome and take aboard passengers... but they are slavers from the Free Cities, and carry their passengers off as captives.