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So Spake Martin

This collection contains information from four principal sources: the Tor-hosted Legends bulletin board, e-mail correspondence with fans, interviews (more or less formal) at signings and conventions, and interviews and the like on the web. We have removed the Usenet section, since it contained only one post and since it appeared that GRRM no longer used it much. The signings and conventions section will never be able to cover its field as well as the rest, but the other three are about as complete as they can be given the nature of the project. You'll find information ranging from customs to geography to history, from plot points to hints about what the future will bring. Needless to say, this includes information that would be considered spoilers.

Mr. Martin's statements via e-mail, chats, interviews, or bulletin boards are his property and used with his express permission given on April 6, 1999:

"I would have no problem with you collecting my "words" (by which I assume you mean interviews, public comments, letters, etc, rather than fiction), provided that I could ask you to pull down anything I decided I did not want up there -- misquotes, outdated info, slips of the tongue, etc."


Over time, the list of contributors has grown very large indeed. Please scroll down past the Index to see the full list.

Important Notes

  • Quoted text within e-mails written by contributors are property of the contributors and used with permission.
  • If you have an email to contribute, please try, when possible, to send it as an attachment to minimize the editing needed.
  • If you wish to be given credit under another name than the one on your email, please indicate this.
  • If you have a question that isn't answered by the emails already in the collection, please see this FAQ entry before you consider emailing GRRM.



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