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Many Questions

Thanks for the kind words.

A few quick answers to your questions:

1. Will there be any further explanation of the skirmish at the "Tower of Joy", by Howland Reed or whomever?

Yes, in later volumes.

2. Is it possible to circumvent the Wall to the West with an army?

No, the mountains and a deep river gorge make the terrain impassable for all but small groups of raiders.

3. What surname is given to bastard children on King's Landing?, or Dorne? or the Iron Islands?

If I bring in baseborn characters from those areas, I'll reveal that in the due time.

4. Is Thoros of Myr a follower of the same deity that Melisandre worships? Are he and Beric Dondarrion still around?

Yes and no, and yes and no. Details will be revealed in A STORM OF SWORDS.

(I have to save some surprises for the books, after all)