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So Spake Martin

August 2004

Bubonicon (Albuquerque, NM; August 27-29)
Submitted By: bpassey

George didn't mention a page count, but he is clearly frustrated that Feast isn't finished. He did say he was closer than last year, but has no idea when he will be done, since he has been wrong before about it. There were 2 auctions at bubonicon one Friday and one this afternoon in each George had donated a audio book. I won both times, and have a game of thrones and a clash of kings in audio for a mere $40.


Lots of jokes about George's big one after they mentioned Connie Willis Hugo's started mostly by Gardner Dozois. From questions on his reading is that he doesn't much believe in the happily ever after endings, he prefers the bittersweet ending much like the Lord of the rings. He did say he plans to continue doing the Egg novellas between novels. During the overrated/underrated panel he said that he felt Nueromancer by Bill Gibson is overated, while being a fine novel doesn't belong on list of top sf novels next to novels like Stars of my destination and another novel I can't recall. On underrated authors he mentioned Jack Vance and Howard Waldrop. also george asked Connie willis about Heinlein being her influence, and it came out that both Connie and George's first sf novel that they read was Have Spacesuit, Will Travel. Right now I'm jealous of the folks going to Worldcon, but I decided on World Fantasy this year. But I am so going to Worldcon in 2006 in LA.