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LFCC Diary: Introduction

Well-met, fellow ASOIAFers and AGOTers! This is Marino Santirso-Dayne, the Pale Dornishman, straight from Northern Spain. Pleased to meet you all!

It has been my pleasure and distinct privilege to attend the London Film and Comic Con 2014 in, well, London, as a proud herald of this most excellent site in order to have a chat with some of the many Game of Thrones guests invited this year. I wish I had more time to properly


... I mean, to properly engage in intimate and revealing one-to-ones while sipping Earl Grey, but imagine if you would an event with thousands upon thousands of attendees all looking forward to meeting their idols; it turns out it’s quite an ordeal to secure a few minutes with the guests, and once at the venue, the prospect of carrying a bone china tea set, however tempting, became much less appealing and practical than when I was daydreaming in my couch.

Never mind. What I will try here is to convey the feeling and craziness of the LFCC while I conversed with a few Westerosi stars. Oh, and there’s a lot of silliness added just because! Bottom line: these are not your usual interviews, but rather an interview-meets-stream-of-consciousness surreal thing. Let’s call this artifact “Postmodern Interviewing” to give it an academic flair. Cool.

Before starting our journey, I would like to send a BIG thank you to all the patient Showmasters Pitbosses and Blue Shirts I interacted with at the Con. A very special shout out to David Bedwell for all his help and to Jill Ubdegrove for her support and for bestowing upon me the Power of the Press Pass. This madness could not have been possible without you!

So, after getting over the expected absence of fellow Dornishman Pedro Pascal (sob) and the rather unexpected absence of acting prodigy/Platonic crush Natalie Dormer (über-sob!), I had to reassess the situation. OK, Margaery was not there…but, alas, there might be another way to sate my Tyrell appetites elsewhere (hey, whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably cool, but incorrect. Mostly…) All I had to do was to focus and find the curls… Find THE CURLS!


Note: All the questions have been redacted for brevity and clarity’s sake, and essentially to make me look like a pro. The interviewees answers are 99% faithful.

Interview #1: Finn Jones
Interview #2: Gethin Anthony

About the Author

Marino Santirso is a biped hailing from Northern Spain who writes, translates and edits words for companies such as… can’t really tell you. He collaborated in the Spanish edition of “A Dance with Dragons” and is in charge of the Spanish versions of the “A Game of Thrones” LCG and board games. He loves Dorne because “Ser Arthur Dayne had a magic sword” and “OMG the Red Viper is almost a Maester!” He also likes to stick his finger into béchamel sauce when no one is watching and won’t probably be allowed to write anything else for anyone else anywhere ever. He is a gentle soul; please handle with care.