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LFCC Diary: Kate Dickie

There are a number of more or less obvious differences between Ms. Kate Dickie and Lady Lysa Arryn. Firstly, Kate is blonde. Yeah, I know. And it makes you look twice, as in “am I in the right queue?” Another major difference has to do with her mouth. Kate’s mouth only knows about smiling; a mirthful, joyous laughter that can be heard at quite some distance emerging from it. Lysa, she was not too much into the “being happy” attitude. Finally, Kate Dickie is not a jealous, tortured soul full of regret who breastfeeds her eight-year-old son. At least not that day, as far as I know.

Since my back was already pretty mauled, I chose to kneel opposite the Lady Lysa, much to her surprise. While she greeted me and I prepared my recording thingies we engaged in some small talk, mostly my going all “OMG YOUR SCOTTISH ACCENT IS SO CUTE!” and Kate going “OMG I NEVER REALIZE I HAVE AN ACCENT!” We were kind of shouting, yes.

MARINO: Hi Kate, thank you for being here (wherever here is now!) There is this famous sentence which Jaime Lannister utters, “the things I do for love”, to justify his actions. Does Lysa feel the same?

KATE DICKIE: Oh, absolutely. I mean, Lysa fell in love with Littlefinger when she was a teenager and he has played her all her life and then, after she got pregnant to him and had to abort the baby and then she got married off to Jon Arryn and all the things she has done for Littlefinger that ended up getting revealed in the [fourth] season were quite mind-blowing and I think that’s a perfect comment: “the things I do for love”. When you see what Lysa has done and the people she has betrayed and cut off her life for him…and then he just pushes her over the Moon Door! *laughs*

It occurred to me that being thrown down the Moon Door is no laughing matter, but since I have no actual experience, I chose not to press the matter further. I know nothing!

M: In “A Game of Thrones”, positive feelings, such as love, often get twisted in such ways there comes a point you wonder whether they are still something good or have turned into something else, do you agree?

KD: I think you are right there; a lot of Lysa’s problems is that along the way things got so twisted up in her head that she has kind of lost sight of who she is and what she wants from life and I think that’s very true; again, another very good comment from you. Things started out very well for her and then, because she got soooo damaged along her path, she doesn’t know who she is anymore.

MARINO: So you believe in the end Lysa depends on what others think of her, and with her being so isolated…

KD: She is very isolated, and her mind is very confused at times and she doesn’t trust anyone so things aren’t great in her head… [However] she can be quite strong-willed to stand up for what she wants when she believes in it but, yeah, she is just very damaged.

Sudden burst of laughter!

KD: Sorry, I’m laughing at the green man behind you!

And lo and behold! There was an actual GREEN MAN behind me. I can’t remember the details about this extraordinary being because my brain felt as if drowning in a keg of milk of the poppy, but yeah, a green man behind me! I could only say “I’ll be real quick.”

M: Now that Lysa’s story is over, what would you wish for his son Robyn in the next seasons?

KD: Oh my gosh [...] I would want someone to really discipline him… I mean, not like hitting him or anything, but you know being really strict with him and to help him develop to become a really decent adult, because he’s had no one say “no” to him for his life; he is very spoiled and I think it would be good for him for someone to take him and hand him and really be strong with him… Or, if they don’t, I think he is going to grow into quite a hideous adult, so it’s a bit worrying, as Lysa would want him to be babied for the rest of his life, and she would want Littlefinger to look after him but that… I don’t know what happens!

Robert/Robyn Arryn being raised by Littlefinger? Sounds like a plan! Why, surely the little fellow will grow into a very nice and sane and poised gentleman after getting the “Petyr Baelish’s School for Spoiled Heirs” treatment.

M: As a mother, just like Cersei, do you think Lysa and she have something in common in how fiercely they protect their children regardless of anything else?

KD: Well, as a mom you do, you get very protective and I don’t know as a mother what I would end up doing if someone was to try and harm my child or do something to them. I would probably turn into quite a crazy woman as well trying to protect them.

M: Lysa is a deranged character and you are a most pleasant person! How did you manage to portray such a character keeping her human despite her getting so intense at times?

KD: Yeah, well, that’s a big compliment for you to say that to me, thank you. I tried to make her as truthful as I could even though she is very extreme. I tried not to just feel like “oh well, here she’s gonna do the crazy bit and here’s what I do.” No, I really tried to make it truthful, and Lysa… she is very damaged; there’s a lot of damage in her, rather. Oh, she is deranged but she is more damaged, so there is truth in all her actions and as long as you play her very truthfully, then, you know, hopefully it works!

M: Thank you so much for your time, Kate!

KD: Oh, you are welcome!

I could glimpse the shadow of disappointment cross her face, for she surely would have wanted to spend more quality time with me, answering all manner of brainy questions and stuff… No, not really; no doubt she was eager to meet the mysterious green man! Oh, how I regret not having taken a picture of such wonder!

M: Oh my god…

KD: Oh my, your knees!

Standing up proved to be harder than I would have anticipated, and the wonderful Ms. Dickie almost started to her feet to help me out, may the Old Gods and the New bless her. It all felt very silly, my struggling against gravity with the grace of an old fat auroch.

Eventually. I gathered myself together; a warm Scottish hug and a couple of kisses ensued, and I left the lovely Kate Dickie to deal with the green man and a T-800 Terminator, which by that point was a perfectly unextraordinary thing to witness.

My journey was almost over, but I was missing someone… Someone BIG. Someone sporting a beard. Someone who dresses in rags and furs and travels with children looking for three-eyed ravens and mystic sh!t and then is a DJ. What was his name again? How could I forget it? Alas, the soft winds of the HVACs brought with them the lost memory and whispered…


About the Author

Marino Santirso is a biped hailing from Northern Spain who writes, translates and edits words for companies such as… can’t really tell you. He collaborated in the Spanish edition of “A Dance with Dragons” and is in charge of the Spanish versions of the “A Game of Thrones” LCG and board games. He loves Dorne because “Ser Arthur Dayne had a magic sword” and “OMG the Red Viper is almost a Maester!” He also likes to stick his finger into béchamel sauce when no one is watching and won’t probably be allowed to write anything else for anyone else anywhere ever. He is a gentle soul; please handle with care.