The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


Game of Thrones Territory: Visiting the Steensons

On the final day of our visit to Northern Ireland we were taken to Glenarm (on the beautiful County Antrim coast, which we will be doing a video on soon) to see the store & workshop of Steensons who have produced some of the iconic pieces of jewellery seen on Game of Thrones such as Joffrey’s and Margaery’s wedding crowns and the lion pendants worn by Cersei, Myrcella and Sansa. Most recently, they made the crown donned by Cersei as she takes the throne in the final episode of season six. Some of these pieces are on display in their store, which allows for a very close look at them. As the store is also their workshop—and a so called économusée, where you can see craftsmen at work—you are also able to view their goldsmiths at work. Also available in the store—and in their store in Belfast—is their newly launched Game of Thrones collection, with necklaces, pins and cufflinks using elements of the designs they produced for the show. In our video below you will get a closer look at this collection as well as some of the unique pieces made for the show.

The Game of Thrones collection is as of yet not available on-line, but if you contact them via their website or via facebook, they can send you a catalogue showing the pieces and arrange for an order that way. Or you could take it as (yet another) reason to visit Northern Ireland!