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LFCC Diary: Daniel Portman

After dealing with a knight and a dead almost-king, with all their courtly eccentricities, I decided it was high time for a dose of less noble chatting; hence, Podrick Payne. Squire extraordinaire, brothel cruising legend and so-so horse rider, Daniel Portman’s Pod has won the favor of the fans thanks to his humility, devotion and courage, traits which make him a most rare Westerosi bird indeed. Even non-squires such as you and I can empathize with him at some level (not necessarily about the brothels.)

Daniel Portman may share some traits with young Payne. As opposed to Finn Jones and Gethin Anthony’s more openly extrovert demeanor, the Glasgowite looks more serious and contained. Ultimately, he is a most polite and straightforward lad who just seems a bit overwhelmed by the magnitude of the Con. Welcome to my world, Pod!

MARINO: Hi Daniel, thank you for taking these questions.

DANIEL PORTMAN: My pleasure!

M: In Season 4 you became Gwendolyn Christie’s trusty sidekick. You were used to being Tyrion’s squire, so how do you fare with your new boss?

DP: In terms of me as an actor it’s been great to have a more substantial part and it’s also nice to work with somebody different because it keeps things fresh. If you are working with the same people all the time it then you [get into] habits, but working with Pete [Dinklage] was an amazing learning experience for me, and I really enjoyed my time there too. I think Pod’s grown up a bit but he needs to be thrust into the world to see what he’s made of.

Surely the world has plans to keep Podrick busy and test his mettle time and again, fret not! On a side note, when Daniel said “you get into habits” I heard “you get into hobbits”, and that conjured up a veeeery weird image in my mind for the briefest of times. Hehe.

M: Regarding Podrick’s role, Tyrion needed people to protect him, whereas Brienne does not seem to. How does he adapt to this situation?

DP: Podrick tries to keep his head down [...] He tries to be as much help as he can, and as we see through Series 4, there are occasions where she does need somebody to help her, and [Pod] has his uses, so I think he just tries to do what he is told.

M: Let’s not forget Podrick belongs to a noble house, even though a lesser one. How do you think he views the game of thrones?

DP: I think Podrick is one of the very few characters in the series who given the opportunity at power would probably turn it down. I don’t think he is interested in climbing the ladder of success or anything! The fact that there’s been a big war going on, I think he’s probably not too pleased that that’s been happening… Yeah, he is just a quiet guy who wants a quiet life. He wouldn’t mind being a knight! He would like to be a knight.

Seriously, what’s so great about being a knight? Everybody seems so anxious to have their characters become one or be the best one. Remember, folks: knights meet gruesome deaths just as often if not more than non-knight humans, only in fancier armors!

M: Do you see this happening?

A smile lights his face. Again, the thrill of knighthood! Man… If Podrick wants a “quiet life” I’d rather wish for him to land a job at Hot Pie’s Direwolf Pie Emporium.

DP: Hopefully! Hopefully! I think it would be great if he became a knight because he’s such a good guy. He shows very knightly qualities already. He is very honorable and loyal.

M: But characters are often forced to face reality very harshly in the show. Do you believe those knightly traits may become spoiled?

DP: Who knows! It’s a deep dark world in Westeros and… You know, everybody has an opportunity to be tempted in some way, I suppose, and he… he might, at some stage, just decide to give being a bad guy a chance because it may be easier, but I don’t know.

We’ll see how Pod fares against the lure of The One Ring once he joins the Avengers to face Voldemort in his hideout on Tatooine… (Ooops. Cosplay overload alert!)

M: How would you like Pod’s story to develop?

Another big grin; it sure seems this question is the most popular, according to a recent multicentric non-randomized research study promoted by the Citadel. Toss it at your interviewees and make them happy through the power of wishful thinking!

DP: Oh, I’d love for him to reencounter Tyrion at some point and maybe save his life again when Tyrion least expected it! It would be great if Podrick grew up a bit and then Tyrion was in trouble somewhere; Podrick strides for the door and saves the day. That would be cool!

M: Thank you so much, Daniel!

DP: My pleasure, thank you! Have a good one!

My, my, isn’t he a darling? Such a sweet boy! Too bad I couldn’t spend more time with him. He’d certainly make for the best son-in-law EVER (as long as he quits the brothel thing.) I’d definitely want him married to one of the bastard daughters I’ve been meaning to have.

Anyway, since Daniel’s Scottishness had whetted my appetite for MOAR delicious Scottishness, I decided the best choice would be to seek an audience with the Lady of The Eyrie. Riverlands, here we come!

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Marino Santirso is a biped hailing from Northern Spain who writes, translates and edits words for companies such as… can’t really tell you. He collaborated in the Spanish edition of “A Dance with Dragons” and is in charge of the Spanish versions of the “A Game of Thrones” LCG and board games. He loves Dorne because “Ser Arthur Dayne had a magic sword” and “OMG the Red Viper is almost a Maester!” He also likes to stick his finger into béchamel sauce when no one is watching and won’t probably be allowed to write anything else for anyone else anywhere ever. He is a gentle soul; please handle with care.