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LFCC Diary: Kristian Nairn

One does not simply… NOT say hi to Kristian Nairn!

Hodor may not have the most interesting story arc. He is not even a knight (can you hear it? It’s Finn Jones and Daniel Portman screaming: “kniiiiiights FTW, yo!”) He does not plot unfathomable schemes we then remember for the ages (or does he?), nor does he have a sharp, clever tongue ready to outwit or charm at whim. He doesn’t even own a monster-pet like Dany or a pet-pet like Tommen. Up until recently, he was just the bulky simpleton pushing the Bran-mobile around. Now he also kicks skeleton asses while possessed, which qualifies for some awesomeness, but still the question remains…

Why do we all LUV Hodor? What’s in a name (a name repeated once and again and again)?

You are so NOT finding it out here!


Woot. Not what I expected. Yeah, the “H-word”. Yeah, “hi” is an “H-word”; I meant the other one. The one with “Ho”. Hehe. “Ho”.

MARINO: Kristian, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us.

KN: No problem, you are welcome!

M: Hodor has become quite the media phenomenon…

KN: [Laughs] Oh yeah!

M: ...And you are Hodor so, why is that?

KN:  You know, I never expected this. I don’t know man. I don’t know if it’s something I have done, or the character [itself]... I really don’t understand it, but I’m very grateful, I mean… It’s been a lot of fun. Maybe it’s because I’m a gamer as well [...] Maybe because it’s kinda crossed communities. I don’t know what it is. I didn’t expect it. That’s my only answer; it was a surprise to me as well.

There you have it. The Hodorian Mysteries are impenetrable to the man himself! How are we the rest, non-Hodors, even try to understand them? Madness lies down that path!

M: The thing is, you have to act exclusively through your physique. Is there an evolution in how you portray Hodor?

KN: There is, definitely. Obviously, we are now moving through Westeros, and I think Hodor had a rather sheltered life in Winterfell… At first I think he was kind of shocked with all the stuff that’s been happening; maybe he’s grown up a little, seeing all these horrible stuff. I know the “book Hodor” is slightly different to my Hodor and that’s fine, it’s a different medium but [for example] when Bran takes over him I know he is scared, that he doesn’t like it, but I think that because of the hostile surroundings he understands it is necessary for them to survive; He understands that Bran needs to do it, but he still doesn’t like it, so I think he definitely has evolved.

M: Did you find it had to interpret Hodor so differently while he is being possessed?

KN: Oh, no, I love it! I like to do it, I like the change. It’s a lot of fun. I mean, interpreting someone so different, that’s fun.

M: Here’s a tough one: Isaac [Hempstead-Wright] is growing up so fast… How do they do to make him look like he is the same age as last season?

KN: Clever cameras. Clever camera work. And we have doubles, so maybe from behind or far away it’ll be a little girl, or it might be a different Hodor… There’s another Hodor as well. They have two of us.

PAUSE. Bran can be a little girl and…

M: There’s…two Hodors?

KN: Yeah! There’s me and there’s somebody else, but only for miles away, for when the camera is far away. It’s all camera tricks!

Cloning would have been cooler, but I guess camera tricks are more practical and less ethically challenging. Still… Bring in the clones, HBO!

M: What do you expect from next season?

KN: I have no idea. I haven’t read the scripts so I don’t have a clue.

Sure, sure… So much for spoilers. You train your actors well, showrunners. I applaud the undoubtedly evil methods you employ to ruthlessly coax them into silence.

M: But if you could write Hodor’s path, what would you like for him?

KN: I would like him to find out where he comes from. Obviously, I would, maybe, like to TALK. Or find out WHY he doesn’t talk, you know. I think it’s all about the mystery; no one bloody knows where he comes from, who his relatives are, and I’d like to find out; I’d like him to find out, yeah.

M: Thank you very much, Kristian.

KN: No problem.

M: Could you send a greeting to the Spanish Game of Thrones fans? I’m coming from Spain.

KN: And…Westeros.org?

Was I messing with Kristian’s MIND, you ask? Not really. The thing is I am backed by the awesome guys of Westeros.org but I am also a self-appointed ambassador for Spanish fans, and the Spanish publisher of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. There, now you know how this all works. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

M: Yeah, but this is for the Spanish AGOT community!

KN: Yup, no worries… I just want to say hello and a greeting to all the Spanish “Game of Thrones” fans. Thank you so much for the support and… HODOR!

A “HODOR” uttered LIVE is much better than on TV, trust me on this!

M: Thank you so much, Kristian.

High-fiving Hodor achieved!!! My hand may have been destroyed in the mighty clash but who cares!

KN: No problem. You are very welcome!

And that’s a wrap! I caught a plane and got back to Spain! Some things did happen in the interim (like flossing and failing miserably to get free Wi-Fi), but I still don’t know you well enough to share MY intimacies.

And while I am at it…

Thank you, YOU, amazing reader (because you are amazing and I LOVE YOU) for having taken the time* to travel with me along this remarkably surreal interview tour. Your amusement is what fuels me, so please let me know if you have felt slightly amused at some point ^_^.

All the best,

Marino Santirso, the Pale Dornishman

*Please note that neither Westeros.org nor I can give you back your time, mostly because we cannot bend reality through the power of our will alone; we do require some rare ingredients and an eclipse. We appreciate your understanding or lack thereof!

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