The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


EP705: Eastwatch

Written by Dave Hill
Directed by Matt Shakman



Book to Screen

Inspired by the Books

  • The Citadel: Jenny of Oldstones and Lodos are both figures from Martin’s work, specifically the A Song of Ice and Fire novels for Jenny, while Lodos first appeared in The World of Ice and Fire.
  • Dragonstone: Concerns about the tack Daenerys will take when returning to Westeros runs rife through the books, from Barristan Selmy’s hesitation about declaring himself in case she was too much her father’s daughter to Daenerys’s own thoughts at the end of A Dance with Dragons regarding her destiny.

Possible Developments in Future Books

  • Blackwater Rush: Randyll Tarly and his son and heir Dickon (rather a great deal younger in the books than in the show) could very well be executed by Daenerys, although only time will tell.
  • Dragonstone: Given the affinity of the Targaryen dragons to the Targaryens, many speculate that Daenerys’s dragons will respond favorably to Jon Snow.
  • Winterfell: Conflicts among the Stark children seem inevitable given their very different paths in the course of the series.

Entirely Different

  • Dragonstone: Jorah Mormont, as already noted, does not get greyscale in the novels. While he’ll likely end up reuniting with Daenerys, it won’t be in relation to greyscale. There is no need to arrange a “hunt” to get a wight from beyond the Wall in the novels, as Jon Snow had several corpses held in ice cells that he was waiting on to become wights (unaware that the magic within the Wall appeared to prevent that from happening). Gendry becoming acquainted with Jon Snow seems unlikely in the books.
  • King’s Landing: Davos smuggling Tyrion into King’s Landing—or Gendry out of it—simply will not happen in the novels, given that all three characters are in wildly different positions in the novels. In particular, Gendry is a smith aligned with the brotherhood without banners in the novels.
  • The Citadel: As argued in our video, an annulment poses so many questions and problems that we are certain it is not the direction Martin will go with the question of Rhaegar’s relationship to Elia and/or Lyanna. Sam is unlikely to leave the Citadel in a huff, as well.
  • Winterfell: It’s unlikely that Littlefinger and Arya will have such direct interactions in the novels.
  • Eastwatch: It’s unlikely that Thoros of Myr or Sandor Clegane will head for the Wall in the novels; Thoros is associated with Lady Stoneheart, terrorizing the Freys and others in the riverlands.