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Cagematch Final Showdown

Thanks to the fans who voted in droves, George R.R. Martin’s Jaime Lannister rallied and came from behind to defeat Patrick Rothfuss’s Kvothe. A tremendous battle! Now Jaime’s on to face the final challenge: the Dragon Reborn, Rand al’Thor, from Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series. Rand is incredibly powerful, and the general opinion is that all he needs to do is use balefire. . .

But GRRM wants to even the field. Jaime has demanded home-turf advantage and that the final showdown be a trial of seven, as is his right as a knight under ancient Westerosi custom. What would this mean? If Suvudu’s editors agree, this means Rand will gain six companions—any characters drawn from the works of both Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson (who has continued the series following Jordan’s untimely death)—against Jaime’s six allies, drawn from Martin’s works and settings. This would mean that Rand could have Conan on his side (Jordan wrote a number of authorized Conan novels), or Lan Mandragoran, or even Moridin ... while Jaime could potentially have Haviland Tuf, Ser Arthur Dayne, or even the Ice Dragon on his side.

Will Suvudu’s editors go for it? We shall see! We’ll update when a decision is rendered and the polls open.