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Cyanide Game Now Official HBO Game of Thrones RPG?

French Factor News’s exclusive interview with Cyanide’s Thomas Veauclin, project manager on the Game of Thrones roleplaying game that Cyanide Studio has been developing, has a pretty remarkable revelation: Cyanide has secured the rights to certain HBO Game of Thrones assets and are implementing as much of them as they can. This includes the appearances of actors, recorded dialog, the music, certain designs (such as the Iron Throne), and the like.

This seems to make this game as close to an “official” HBO Game of Thrones RPG as it can get. However, as noted in the interview, the agreement was finalized rather late in the development process, so some of the level design will not necessarily match what’s been on the show. They are working to implement as much as possible, however, in the time frame they have.

Quite a few exclusive images attached to this interview (as you’ll see, a great deal of the focus of the game appears to be Castle Black and the Wall), and if that’s not enough to whet your appetite, here’s a long video (also in French) showing some of the gameplay. One note: the interview mentions that some of the animations seemed jerky, to which Veauclin responds that those are place holders and they’re currently recording the bulk of motion capture for the game.

Thanks to SA Avenger for the head’s up!