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Game of Thrones RPG Approaches

The Game of Thrones roleplaying game will be released in just six short days (in the US—it’ll be June 1st for Europe and the rest of the world), and if you haven’t pre-ordered, it’s soon the last chance to do so!

Over at Amazon US, the XBox and PS3 versions include an art book as a pre-order bonus, or you can just go an preorder the downloadable PC version . All three versions are up for pre-order at Amazon UK as well (UK XBox, UK PS3, UK PC DVD)... and of course you can just go ahead and pre-order the PC game for download at Steam, although that seems to be set to the June 1st release date for Europe.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has released a terrific interview with the lead developers from Cyanide and—if you’ll excuse the fact that English isn’t their first language—it’s quite informative about some of their approach, including how they took a page or two from GRRM. Good stuff, and by the comments it looks like a few people find the game even more interesting. The interview also includes an amusing tidbit where we learn that GRRM says the death of a character was because of his assistant Ty Franck’s suggestion, and that Cyandie is already hard at work on DLC content for the game.

Atlus has also set up a Facebook page for the game, where you can find the latest images and videos, and keep abreast of the latest developments as the release approaches and fans start looking for the DLC content!

On top of that, Atlus has set up a Facebook page for the game