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Official Site Update

A bit belated on our part, as personal stuff has kept us busy these last couple of weeks, but GRRM has a number of updates at “Not a Blog” which we thought we’d make note of, with comments. See them below:

  • Hugo Award Nomination for A Dance with Dragons—As we’ve previously reported, ADwD has been nominated for a Hugo Award in the Best Novel Category. Members of Chicon 7—the host of this year’s Worldcon—will vote on the awards in its various categories. George will be attending Worldcon, by the by, and if you happen to live in the area or can make the trip out there? Get a membership and go, because there’s no better place to meet and hang out with GRRM than at a convention… and Worldcon is at the pinnacle of what a convention should be. Panels, parties, reading and signing events, and more.
  • Season 3 Script - Also as previously reported, Martin has finished his script for season 3, set as the 7th episode of that season and titled “Autumn Storms”. Should be a good one. Also as noted, casting is in full swing, and we expect there’ll be news pretty soon on some of the roles.
  • Anthologies—GRRM and Gardner Dozois are teaming up to edit a few more anthologies, including another cross-genre anthology titled Rogues and a pair of anthologies titled Old Mars and Old Venus. On the other hand, the Dangerous Women anthology is moving on toward completion—and it will contain a Dunk & Egg novella concerning the “she-wolves of Winterfell” in that era—but it will probably be delayed a bit as some of the stories are in rewrite and one hasn’t yet been completed.
  • Wild Cards—Lots of Wild Cards news, including a potential deal on a new original novel and four more reprints, while the follow up to Fort Freak, Lowball, is well under way. A new Wild Cards comic miniseries is planned as well, while Melinda Snodgrass works on the script for the Wild Cards film from SyFy Films.
  • Comic Con - HBO has asked GRRM to be present at SDCC for the Game of Thrones panel that it seems they’re planning to have again, so that’s pretty big news. Released at the convention will be Marc Simonetti’s 2013 A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar (Pre-order: US, UK). As it happens, I’m told that the essay Linda and I wrote for Beyond the Wall, “The Palace of Love,The Palace of Sorrow: Romanticism in A Song of Ice and Fire”, will be distributed at the convention as part of a promotional chapbook from BenBella; it’s also the lead essay in the essay anthology. More details about the books, its contributors, and their essays can be found here.
  • 2014 calendar—GRRM has seen preliminary sketches from Gary Gianni
  • The Lands of Ice and Fire (Pre-order: US, UK) - The artist has been busily at work, as you can see at this little sneaky peek shared at the Del Rey Spectra page. GRRM has largely done his part, and just today we had cause to trade a bit of email with him and editor Anne Groell about some of the details.
  • The World of Ice and Fire - GRRM has indeed been writing material for this one, and we’ve seen it. Lots of nifty bits of historical information regarding the setting, some of it being material people have had questions about since A Game of Thrones was published back in 1996.
  • Dying of the Light - Subterranean Press’s limited edition can now be pre-ordered, and they have some examples of Tom Kidd’s artwork for it. GRRM’s very first novel, it’s a great setting, with a really melancholic, romantic sort of storyline. It also features a character who is a precursor to Sandor Clegane and Loras Tyrell, according to GRRM—which is, I think, a rather fascinating juxtaposition!
  • The Winds of Winter—And the best for last… yes, he’s writing TWoW as well. As of the time of his update, he was writing material concerning the Dothraki (and, presumably, Daenerys), but of course didn’t say more.

So, that wa a lengthy update!