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More Fire and Blood Excerpts

A trio of new Fire and Blood excerpts have been released since our last post, as well as a new #TargaryenThursday video from George R.R. Martin, one that bears commenting on.

The first of the new excerpts actually comes from the Russian publisher, published on the website of the Russian edition of the magazine Maxim, and of course is all in Russian. But Google Translate can help make it understandable, even if there are some quirks. One thing I will note is that it’s clear that the translator had to work off an earlier draft of that particular material, as there’s at least one detail that was changed by the final version of the book.

The second excerpt comes from Entertainment Weekly, and covers material already published for the most part in “The Princess and the Queen” and The World of Ice and Fire, but contains some new details that had been edited out.

And finally, the Times of London has another excerpt, although it is behind a paywall. The text makes it sound like it, too, will largely contain material already previously seen, but again some new details may slip out.

Below, you’ll find George’s Targaryen Thursday video, and our comment on it:

This video caused a lot of excitement, as it seemed to indicate George was addressing speculations that were in the book. But as I wrote at the A Song of Ice and Fire forum:

Going to head things off by noting that George prefaces his remark by saying “There is a lot of speculation”.

This video would give the impression that that speculation is in the book… but in fact, it is not. There is nothing like it whatsoever in F&B. George is referring to speculation from fans.

That he brings it up at all may indeed mean fans should give this theory some credence. But I’d suggest that he’s bringing it up just as a way to bridge the content of F&B to ASoIaF/GoT, because after all this is a video aimed at making people who are familiar with the latter interested in buying the former.