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GRRM on Fire and Blood-based Successor Show

Over at Not a Blog, George R.R. Martin comments on the recent news that HBO is nearing ordering a pilot for a Game of Thrones successor, this one based on the Targaryen history in Fire and Blood. Notably, GRRM chose to cite the Entertainment Weekly account from James Hibberd as the “most complete”, and that one (unlike stories from Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter) is explicit that the focus of this show is the Dance of the Dragons, something that the other stories seemed to underplay or reject.

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In any case, he confirms that it’s advanced through development, with a completed pilot script as well as bible (a kind of reference document for the proposed series) but does not yet have a pilot order. Martin also notes that speculation that this is bad news for Jane Goldman’s pilot (still in post-production, but whose sets he visited while in Belfast and he found them “spectacular) is, so far as he knows, erroneous and he suggests that there’s room for two shows set in the Song of Ice and Fire universe at the same time, or three, or four.