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2021 A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar Released

The 2021 A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar, illustrated by Sam Hogg, is now available at Amazon, other online booksellers, and retail bookstores! With thirteen illustrations from Hogg, one for each month plus a bonus, this is another entry into the now-venerable A Song of Ice and Fire calendar series from Random House, with the first calendar having been Ted Nasmith’s 2011 calendar.

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Hogg has posted about the availability of the calendar and shared an exclusive image as well on her Twitter account, depicting the marriage of “Arya Stark” to Ramsay Bolton before the heart tree at Winterfell:

In the thread that follows, she adds that all the pieces were finished in oil and were at minimum 20” x 20” in size and that she hopes to have a limited number of signed copies once her publisher copies arrive. In addition, over at her Art Station page she shares her initial and then polished sketches.