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Unknown Worlds Art Exhibition in Germany

The artists behind 2019’s very successful Unseen Westeros art exhibition—a collection of artworks from some 40 artists inspired by The World of Ice and Fire—have gathered together to launch a second exhibition of artwork, this time dubbed Unknown Worlds. Taking place at Frankenstein Castle overlooking the city of Darmstadt in Germany, the art exhibition will take place from July 15th through July 18th. Entry is entirely free.

Full details below!

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I had the pleasure of visiting the original exhibition in 2019, and it was a fantastic time seeing the massive crowd that turned out to examine the dozens of paintings, most of them quite large in scale. This looks like it’ll be equally fascinating.

Game of Thrones at Frankenstein Castle
After the success of the previous year we are showing Unknown Worlds Part 2. Now all fans have the opportunity to get to know more than 60 new stories. 40 original artists of the “Game of Thrones” series have come together to translate the background story of “A song of Ice and Fire” into series quality. In a 4-day exhibition, they exclusively show pictures of past kingdoms and battles, which were discussed in the series - but which were never seen.
- 60 new pictures
- 40 international Game of Thrones artists
- only 4 days at Frankenstein Castle
The exhibition - an unforgettable event:
- The stories of “Unknown Worlds” are spread all over the castle. The visitors inside explores the four continents from George RR like a traveler Martin’s books.
- An audio guide explains the stories behind the pictures.
- The artists are present at the exhibition.
- The artists are known for their work on Avatar, Star Trek, X-Men, Avengers or Narnia.

Visiting the exhibition is free. However, you have the unique chance to take home an originally signed art print of your favorite picture. It is possible to have a dedication made. With the purchase of the tickets, the terms and conditions are deemed to have been read and accepted.