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Game of Thrones Tuesday Reports

Much quieter today as far as reporting goes, alas, but we can start things off with an excellent follow-up from yesterday’s report by Jackie, which can be found here at the A Song of Ice and Fire forum. Make sure to check pages both before and after, because Jackie and Crakehall expand on a lot of the points under the assault of questions from eager fans.

Some exciting things we’ve learned is that Lena Headey as Cersei was spotted, wearing a very elaborate gown and an orante headdress, and we’ve had more descriptions of various other principals (for example, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau—playing Jaime Lannister, the Kingslayer—is said to be very impressive, tall and broad-shouldered and with the requisite blonde hair). Jackie provides links to images that she feels represent some of the costumes she saw, including a famous portrait by Vermeer. The wolf pups have been described in more detail by Jackie over at Winter is Coming and its day three report—they’re about knee high, not newborn pups, but not terribly intimidating. Finally, the commentator grimhelm at WiC is there today, and it seems somewhat quieter but no less interesting. He confirms that Corvus Corax is the German medieval band that performed during filming. Those who’ve had the opportunity to interact with the crew—including producers Dan Weiss and director Tom McCarthy—have been enthused by their good humor at the fan attention.

As we’ve heard, today is the last significant day of filming at Doune. We also have heard from Jamie Campbell Bower, who was on his way to Belfast this morning, suggesting that soon the whole operation will be shifting to the Paint Hall studio in Northern Ireland. Information about filming after that point is likely to become much rarer once filming is focused on a closed studio and, later, away in Morocco.