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HBO Confirms Gemma Whelan in Season 2

British actress Gemma Whelan was first reported to have been cast in the role of Theon Greyjoy’s older sister back in July, but that has not been officially confirmed…

Until now, that is, thanks to James Hibberd and EW. They also confirm a choice that is bound to be controversial among some fans: Asha’s name has been changed to what somewhat less mellifluous “Yara”, out of concern that her name otherwise sounds too much like “Osha”. As some have noted, “Yara” might be readily confused with “Arya” by some, so it doesn’t seem a great choice in that regard. Also, notably, Osha’s name seems to have never been properly used in the TV series—it’s only mentioned outside of the show, in extra material or casting notes—so, all considered, we might have preferred it if they re-dubbed Osha and let Asha keep her name.

Still, in the grand scheme of things, it probably doesn’t matter too much. Though we would have loved it if they named her Disa or Katla…

Below’s a showreel showing Ms. Whelan in several roles: