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The Ironman and the Director

Each new season is likely to bring not just new actors, but also new directors. Thanks to a sharp-eyed fan, we’ve discovered that actor Forbes KB is listed as playing the part of the famous ironborn warrior Black Lorren... in at least one episode directed by David Petrarca, another in a long list of HBO mainstays. In the last three years, he’s directed HBO episodes almost exclusively, including episodes of Big Love, True Blood, and Boardwalk Empire. He joins Alan Taylor, who was previously announced as directing four episodes for this new season.

Going back to Forbes KB, this character actor has had quite a few roles over the years, and as you can guess by his appearance, he’s often cast as a tough or heavy. He should be just fine as the fierce Black Lorren, a fearless ironborn reaver. Below’s a show reel of the actor:

Thanks to raijap for the tip! We’ll be double-checking with HBO for confirmation, but we believe the above information is very solid.