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More Photos from Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik continues to be a leaky sieve, as far as photographs go—the production just doesn’t seem too bothered by it, when they’re shooting in public locations often frequented by tourists. There are some interesting—and spoiliery—photos to be found below, and we’ll provide a bit of context for them based on the second novel, A Clash of Kings.

First, Nikola Čakelić has a gallery of photos depicting a gussied-up boat, and with Sansa (in very Cersei/westerlands-lady like garments, I note) and Joffrey in attendance, plus additional photos featuring Peter Dinklage, Rory McCann, and others. You can even spot David Benioff in at least one of the shots.

As a compliment to this, and we’re guessing they’ve been taken at a similar time, here’s Dulist.hr‘s article (in Croatian) about the filming (tip of that hat to the Rabbit) , with some thirty photos—many of them taken very close to the filming, which really emphasizes how different this shoot has been, security-wise, than shooting in Northern Ireland or Malta. I wouldn’t expect many photos from remote Iceland, though, I have to say…

In any case, what’s going on in these scenes?

Obviously, this is Myrcella’s departure from King’s Landing, on her way to Dorne following her betrothal to Trystane Martell. In the novel Myrcella directly boards a galley, rather than being shuttled over to it in a boat, but we expect we may get a glimpse of the vessel (or vessels—in the novel she was sent with an escort of ships as well) thanks to CG. From glimpses of filming we’ve seen earlier, it looks like there’ll be no horseback riding during the riot that follows Myrcella’s departure.

According to a recent report, we should add that it sounds as if filming will continue for a couple more weeks. Emilia Clarke has been spotted about the town. Here’s hoping those next two weeks will get us some good photos of Qartheen extras, and perhaps Emilia, Steven Cole, Nonso Anozie, and the rest of the cast there in costume.