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Making Game of Thrones Update

The latest update at HBO’s Making Game of Thrones site isn’t contemporaneous—the filming it’s referring to happened back in September or early October—but it’s a nice look into the filming of the penultimate episode, “Blackwater”, directed by Neil Marshall and scripted by George R.R. Martin.

Cat Taylor reports:

I mean there are actually no words today. We are scheduled to have a night full of action – there is no dialogue, other than the occasional scream. We have nearly 200 extras on set this evening – charging all over the place and then coming to a sudden halt when the stunt coordinators blow on whistles.

I can’t give you details of exactly what we are filming at the moment, but I will say that the shots look incredible and that it will be worth the wait – what’s filming now will appear late in the season – Neil Marshall is directing episode 9.

Read the rest at Making Game of Thrones.