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Game of Thrones Game Details

We’ve previously reported on the hints and news related to various games in production based on HBO’s Game of Thrones, but some clear details have finally come out thanks to this report from USA Today.

Besides the official roleplaying game from Cyanide Studio, two other games have apparently been in the works. Here’s what the report reveals:

  • MMORPG: A lot of fans have been interested in seeing an MMO-style game based on the setting, and it looks like their prayers are answered. Bigpoint, a German company with an international reputation for its many free-to-play, browser-based games (including Battlestar Galactica Online), is apparently developing it. Whether they’re doing so directly or through an associated studio, we’re not sure. At a guess, this game will be 3D and make use of the Unity engine. These sorts of browser-based MMOs are known for massive player bases… but looking around, it seems they aren’t necessarily as engrossing or detailed as the Worlds of Warcraft and Guild Wars of the world. It’s a crowded market, but Bigpoint seems to have plenty of experience. I can’t say I share the enthusiasm for MMORPGs, I’m afraid. I’ve yet to see an MMO that really captures the qualities that make the novels so great, in terms of the political and interpersonal aspects of the series, which is why other forms of roleplaying games come more to mind. Going on quests, fighting endless series of broken men and robber knights and wildlings to gain new levels, etc. just doesn’t quite fit Westeros to my mind. Perhaps Bigpoint will surprise, however. Certainly, with HBO’s apparent backing, the game has every possibility of looking quite good.
  • Social Game: Along the lines of Farmville, apparently, and so we can suppose this will be for Facebook, the world’s biggest social gaming platform. Vince Gerardis once hinted that you should imagine a game like Farmville... but where instead of raising crops and raising new buildings, you’re raiding crops and razing buildings, so to speak. No information on the developer for this (it’s not Bungie, as we once speculated).