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Making Game of Thrones: VFX Wrangling

Ahead of tonight’s Game of Thrones teaser, the Making Game of Thrones official production site has a new interview with a member of the crew. This time, it’s on-set VFX co-ordinator Niall McEvoy, who worked on the first season of the show as well as this second season (which is due to wrap filming today—the last footage is being shot in Iceland at this very moment).

McEvoy mentions some interesting production details. The photo of him depicts him with a sort of palette of colors, which are used by the visual effects team to be absolutely dead-on on color reproduction and lighting when they work, and he mentions that a large part of his task is recording all of these details. Pointing out how muddy many of the locations are, he mentions that Audley’s Castle is once again being used as a site for Robb’s camp (“one of” his camps, actually, suggesting there’s one or two others depicted in the course of the season.

More interestingly, he provides our first real detail about the VFX of the direwolves, something that the producers have previously revealed, and which last season’s lead VFX house, Blue Bolt, commented on. McEvoy says:

“And the direwolves. We’ve been involved in creating them this season, and we’ve shot a lot of elements with them. These things are big, the size of small horses, and I can’t wait to see how they look”

Simiarly, it sounds like we’ll be seeing a god deal more of Daenerys’s dragons this season.

I rather doubt we’ll be seeing any of these VFX in the upcoming teaser—it’s probably too early for that amount of VFX work to be done—but who knows?