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On Iceland, Xaro, Jaqen, and More

Yesterday, we shared a (very spoilery) interview with actor Tom Wlaschiha, a new addition to the series who’ll be playing the role of the mysterious Jaqen H’ghar. Well… he’s supposed to be mysterious, but Wlaschiha really does reveal quite a lot about the character, so if you’re unfamiliar with A Clash of Kings, don’t read it!

Next up, Nonso Anozie—the actor cast in the role of Xaro Xhoan Daxos, who plays a central role in Daenerys’s season 2 storyline—is caught at the red carpet for his latest film, The Grey, and speaks about his role a bit in a rather less spoilery way.

He does refer to himself as just “the prince of Qarth”, which isn’t quite right—Xaro is a “merchant prince”, and one of many in Qarth—but it’s hard to say whether this indicates an actual change to the nature of Xaro’s position in Qarth or just looseness in speaking. We’re hoping that the Croatia behind the scenes that’s due to be available on HBO On Demand on the 16th will illuminate things a bit more.

Today, HBO‘s official Making Game of Thrones site, Cat Taylor shares another note about Iceland, this time regarding the preparations to go there for the shooting that took place in November and December. Of note is one particular thing she says:

“The wildlings, the wolves and worse all await us.”

There has been speculation about just what we’re going to see of Jon’s wolf in the Iceland sections, which all gets bundled into the questions about the use of CGI for the direwolves. The lack of any sign of Ghost (whether in the form of a dog or markers for CG elements) in the Rúv report caused some worry, but it seems like it’s unfounded. There’ll be “wolves” to be seen, it appears. The plural’s interesting too, of course, bu that might refer to more than one dog in the part of Ghost, or the mixed use of Ghost and CGI, or the introduction of additional wolves in some scene or scenes.

Last, and definitely least, the People’s Choice Awards—in which Game of Thrones was nominated in Best Cable Drama—ended up a rather big nothing; not only did Game of Thrones not win, the actual winner (Pretty Little Liars) hardly got a moment to bask in the glory, since the award was swiftly handed off to them on the Red Carpet, during the streamed Red Carpet pre-show. Oh, the ignominy of it.