The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


Season 2 Premiere Date Set: April 1st

Yes, April Fool’s Day—April 1—will see the debut of season 2 of HBO’s acclaimed series adapting George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”. This is according to Variety reporter Stuart Levine, in this tweet from TCA, the regular series of press tours for the Television Critics Association. His just-filed report states the following about the show:

“Fantasy drama was a huge ratings winner for the pay cabler in its debut last year, as well as a massive profit center for the net since HBO produces the series as well. In addition to be a domestic hit, ‘‘Thrones’’ drew millions of viewers around the world.”

What to do until then?

January 16th should see a brand new behind-the-scenes on HBO On Demand (and, we devoutly hope, on line), featuring the filming in and around Dubrovnik in Croatia, and no doubt there’ll be more trailers, teasers, interviews, and so on and so forth to keep us all occupied. Oh, and there’s the complete box sets (US: Blu-ray, DVD; UK: Blu-ray, DVD) to keep us busy in March, just in time for a marathon session (or five).