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Alfie Allen, Richard Madden Interviewed

Two new interviews with Game of Thrones actors have surfaced in the last couple of days. First, Access Hollywood has a fun interview with Alfie Allen,  aka Theon Greyjoy, regarding the second season. Funniest of all? Check out which Game of Thrones actor he was working with the day before! He sounds very enthused about his involvement in the series.

The other interview cropped up last night, thanks to Marcelo Cordova pointing it out. At 1883 Magazine, Richard Madden (Robb Stark) talks his status as Scotland’s most fashionable man, fitness, and gives a little hint about what’s going on in the 2nd season, among other things. Another good interview.

And for something completely different: here‘s Oona Chaplin (Jeyne) randomly on the way to the Vienna Opera Ball. Yes, she took that in the airplane’s lavatory. Yes, she changed in the plane. Made me laugh when I figured out what the picture was about.