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HBO Creates New Collectible Bluray/DVD Edition

... sort of.

Following up the late evening mea culpa over a shockingly controversial non-story that took the entirety of three months to crack wide open (it’s hard being a journalist, you know, when you’ve got to make the stories yourself), HBO seems to have decided to go even further: according to the AV Club, HBO is apparently having the head removed or replaced on the DVD and Bluray ... but they’re also pulling the episode from HBO On Demand, HBO Go, and even iTunes. So, yeah, it’s going to be really hard to find it soon enough.

But, you know? That also means that the unadulterated, as-meant-to-be-aired final episode will never be seen again on HBO. That includes future Blurays and DVDs…. but there’s still the current run available at fine retailers the world over. Best get these before they go the way of the original Star Wars trilogy. You can order them at Amazon.com while supplies last: US DVD, US Bluray, UK DVD, and UK Bluray.