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Dark Horse Unveils Tyrion Statue and More

The intrepid Amy_Marie97, who’ll be providing coverage of San Diego Comic Con for Westeros.org, has had a chat with the folks at Dark Horse regarding their current and future licensed Game of Thrones product releases. Quite a few of their showstopper statues and miniature replicas were on display, and Amy has shared some photos as well as more detailed product descriptions, which you can find below.

  • Tyrion Lannister at the Blackwater statue: Dark Horse’s big reveal at San Diego Comic Con 2012 is the Tyrion statue. Preview Night was the first night fans got to glimpse the actual statue on display, and it was an impressive site. The incredibly detailed statue stands will be a limited edition item. The statue pose replicates one of the most impressive moments of Season 2 as Tyrion Lannister, in full armor, enters the fray of the Battle of Blackwater. According to Vice President of Product Design, David Scaggs, the decision on which pose to use came directly from producers David Benioff and D.B Weiss before filming for episode 9, “Blackwater,” even began. During filming, the crew and Peter Dinklage (as Tyrion Lannister), took multiple high quality still photos of the pose that would then be used for detailed construction of the statue. In addition, high quality photo’s of Tyrion’s armor and weaponry were taken by crew members, in association with HBO, and sent directly to product designers. As such, the statue is highly detailed, even down to the fading of the gold on armor.

    The release date for this statue is still being finalized, but Dark Horse hopes to release it in conjunction with Season 3 and is shooting for March 2013. Tentatively, the statue will cost close to $200. Fans can view the statue on display at the Dark Horse booth (#2615) during Comic Con 2012.
  • Iron Throne Limited Edition Replica: The Limited Edition Iron Throne replica stands an impressive 15 inches and is made up of 500 individual pieces. The limited edition number is set at 500 and each collectible will sell for $300.
  • Direwolf Statue Bookends: These bookends are are set for a September release, and can already be pre-ordered via TFAW.
  • Jon Snow and Ghost Statue: This particular display features an early, incomplete version of the eventual final product—Dark Horse says that the face isn’t quite where they want it to be as of yet. It’ll doubtless be a limited edition along the lines of the Tyrion statue.

Other new items on display? Miniature house shields, with House Stark first up, House Greyjoy next, and apparently prototypes are on display of Renly’s golden stag, the Baratheon black stag, and the Lannister lion shields. This adds to their already-extensive product lines, including two versions of the Daenerys with dragon bust (Version 1, and the more limited Version 2).