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What Will Go From Season 3?

Charlie Jane Anders over at io9 contacted me the other day to ask some questions related to a piece she was working on related to Game of Thrones. Namely, she was curious as to what storylines I thought were likeliest to disappear from the third season of Game of Thrones which, in good part, will be adapting the third novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, A Storm of Swords. I shared some speculation with her (and, to emphasize, it’s just speculation, based on various remarks and reports published over the last months) and the article including some of those speculations, as well as her own, can now be found over at io9. It’s a spoilery article, by its very nature

A couple of clarifications, based on remarks I’ve seen since. Spoilers below:

First, it may not be very clear, but I was really just focused on what would make season 3 or not. I might guess Dorne won’t be making an appearance, but I meant that I thought Oberyn and co. won’t be making their appearance this season; doesn’t mean that’ll be the case next season, or the season after. Same thing with Coldhands—I’ve no real idea where Sam’s story will end this coming season, and whether that means we’ll meet that character or not.