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More Glimpses of Season 3

Since our last report, more images have been pouring in from Essaouira, Morocco where some more filming has taken place. No real spoilers, but there’s some excellent photos of actors and extras alike at Mohamed Amine Lakaab’s photo set and a few new images courtesty of the Spanish-language Juego de Tronos fan site. Here’s a very brief video from the latter, showing Iain Glen (Ser Jorah Mormont) escorting Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) through the streets of Morocco.

Some comments below on some of the images.

  • Jorah’s new armor—Very fine and fancy, with a bear referencing the standing bear sigil of House Mormont on display. The pauldrons appear to feature something that looks vaguely like dragons or dragon tails, indicating his allegiance to Daenerys. At a guess, at some point—either between seasons or early in this new season—the wealth that was looted from Xaro’s manse at the end of season 2 will be used to spruce up Daenerys’s entourage a bit. You can get a good look of his armor from the prior two seasons here, for a comparison.
  • More Slaver’s Bay soldiers—Given the strong likelihood that the men all in black represent the Unsullied, these must represent the city guard or something like of the slaver city.
  • Kraznys, played by Dan Hildebrand as we’ve previouly reported, makes his first appearance. The fringed tokar of the slavers appears to have fallen by the wayside, though the colors—green and yellow—seems to at least reflect the colors of the “sea-green silk” and “gold” fringe of the tokar (basically a garment similar to the Roman toga) that Kraznys is described as wearing in A Storm of Swords. The strange red-black hair of the Ghiscari who inhabit Slaver’s Bay and its cities, as well as their fantastical hair styles, appear to have fallen by the wayside for the show.
  • Daenerys’s gown—A closer look at the blue gown Emilia Clarke is wearing. It’s a great color.
  • A surprising figure…—Yes, that sure look like like Ser Meryn Trant of the Kingsguard, doesn’t it? Seems like a scene or two set in King’s Landing are going to be snuck in at Essaouira, perhaps because of some location that seems particularly apt for it.
  • Speaking of the Kingsguard…—In the background of this shot of Iain and Emilia is another Kingsguard—well, former Kingsguard: Ian McElhinney (Barristan Selmy). And next to him? Nathalie Emmanuel, aka Missandei.