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Steelshanks Walton Cast

A smaller role, maybe, but the name always had a ring. Thanks to a fan on Twitter, we’re now aware of the fact that actor Jamie Michie is apparently listed as playing the role of “Steelshanks”—it’s Steelshanks Walton in the books, but likely has been reduced to Steelshanks for the show—in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. Steelshanks Walton is a no-nonsense man-at-arms in the service of Roose Bolton. Will his role on the show be similar to that in the books? We’ll have to wait and see. One does note that IMDB seems to have had some user putting him into the final four episodes of the season, but that’s another wait-and-see thing, I expect.

Scottish-born, Michie has been in a number of film and television productions in the UK, including Ken Loach’s 2010 film Route Irish.