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A Brief Rolling Stone Profile

Well, hot on the heels of our NewNowNext Award nomination, we can reveal that the latest issue of Rolling Stone has a brief profile of yours truly (aka Elio). Yes, rather a surprise when they contacted us! It was nice to discuss our involvement with the website and the fandom and so on, although I do see that the hour-long conversation lost some things in translation when it was boiled down to the smaller article…

In particular, I’d never suggest I’m an assistant to GRRM, unofficial or otherwise, and I said as much when the editor contacted us! George has some very hard working, real assistants, and they aren’t us. :) As to the Hostel quip… bear in mind that that had to do with a particular concern I had about this upcoming season, and not regarding the series to date.

But still, nice to get some coverage and a chance to discuss the fan community and our association with GRRM!

Rolling Stone hit shelves this Friday, I believe, while current subscribers still waiting on their issue can apparently read it online at RollingStone.com.