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House of the Dragon Filming in England

UK Production News, a database for film productions in the UK which has proven to be a reliable source of information, has updated as of yesterday with information concerning the production of House of the Dragon, which reveald yesterday its first lead casting. First reported by Redanian Intelligence, a website focused primarily on The Witcher but which has kept a close eye on other genre productions, the database was updated to show two things: that the main production hub would be Warner Bros. Leavesden Studio complex and that plans now seem to begin filming in late 2020.

Redanian Intelligence‘s report shows the full listing of information from the database as of yesterday, but a visit today shows that it was updated with one more piece of information, that the first season is 10 episodes, which was reported back in July when the straight-to-series order was announced. So, no apparent change there.

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Located in Hertfordshire, about an hour out from the center of London, Leavesden Studio is a massive 200 acre complex that has hosted many major film productions. Most famously, it has been the home of the Harry Potter films, and in fact now hosts the official studio tour for the franchise. Back in March of this year, suggested it was looking likely to be a 2022 release. Why film more than a year in advance? One possibility is the current global pandemic throwing production schedules into havoc, so starting as early as possible may allow them to have more flexibility in the next year to pause and resume production as needed to deal with whatever unforseen circumstances come about. On the other hand, that flexibility will likely come at some added budgetary burden, which may raise the price tag of the first season.