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House of the Dragon Premiere Interviews (Part 3)

And here is our last interview from the European premiere of House of the Dragon, with co-show runner and head writer Ryan Condal. Though it’s the last interview from the event, it’s not going to be our last interview with Ryan, who’s agreed to sit down with Westeros.org for a proper interview in the next few days. Feel free to comment on the video below with any questions you’d like to ask and we’ll try and pick the ones we find the most interesting to present to Ryan!

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All in all, it was a fantastic event. The Dragon’s Den was brief but entertaining (especially the world-travelling Knight of the Kingsguard who apparently understood the modern dialect of the Rhoyne [Spanish] and the old Reach variety of the Andal tongue [French]), all the cast and crew were pleasant, and it was great catching up with old friends and making new ones. I chatted with Ryan at the afterparty a bit—he wanted to know what I thought of the episode—and we did discuss a few of the details of the episode. One in particular, about the particular juxtaposition of the central event of the first episode with the tourney, he revealed had actually been George’s idea. More on that in the proper interview!