The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


GamePro ASoIaF Feature

GamePro has just updated with a A Song of Ice and Fire feature that includes an interview with GRRM by own of the community’s own, namely Lodengarl, a review of the comic-book adaption of "The Hedge Knight" and a competition.

Legends II due September 1st

According to HarperCollins, the UK version of Legends II (which contains the new Dunk & Egg novella
"The Sworn Sword") is due out on September 1st!

The Hedge Knight

It’s nearly here, folks! The Hedge Knight comic book adaption from Roaring Studios should be shipping on the 6th, and ought to be appearing in your local comic shop shortly thereafter.

ASoIaF Board Game Available

Fantasy Flight Games premiered the Game of Thrones board game at Gen Con, with much success! According to their reports, they’ve sold out all of the copies of the board game they had with them. It should also be appearing in game shops by now. A review of the game can be found here.

RPG News

Guardians of Order has recently released some more information regarding the forthcoming A Song of Ice and Fire RPG.

RRetrospective & Westeros Coins

Well, we’re now back from vacation and working on catching up on things, and we have a few interesting bits of news to note that came along while we were gone.

First off, there are some interesting updates on GRRM’s official site regarding the book GRRM: A RRetrospective, which collects a huge amount of GRRM’s works in a single volume. Secondly, we have learned that a series of Westeros-inspired coins will be produced.

GoT CCG Wins Origins Award

The A Game of Thrones CCG, published by Fantasy Flights, has won the 2003 Origins Award for best CCG!

Slashdot Review

A review of A Game of Thrones, as well as lots of discussion of the series itself, can be found at Slashdot. Luckily, Westeros doesn’t seem likely to get Slashdotted from being linked to a couple of times. But if it is slower than usual right now, you know why. ;)

Hedge Knight News

Image Comics announced today that the upcoming miniseries, George R.R. Martin’s The Hedge Knight, will feature covers by fan-favorite fantasy artists Michael Kaluta, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, the Hildebrandt Brothers, Tom Mandrake, Ted Nasmith and Tom Yeates.

Legends II News

In other news, the final piece (an original "Lord John" novella by Diana Gabaldon, set in her Outlander universe) for Legends II has been delivered. Legends II, edited by Robert Silverberg, is an antholgy of previously unpublished stories by some of fantasy’s most exciting writers scheduled for release in January 2004. All of the stories are based in the respective authors’ most popular worlds. Works by George R. R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, Anne McCaffrey, Terry Brooks, and Orson Scott Card are among the eleven stories that will round out this collection.

Hedge Knight Interviews

The May issue of Sequential Tart includes a pair of interviews with the crew behind the comic book adaption of "The Hedge Knight". The first with Les Dabel and the second with Ben Avery and Mike S. Miller.

CCG Nominated for Awards

The Fantasy Flight Games produced Game of Thrones collectible card game and its expansion, Sea of Storms, are both nominees in the major game industry Origin Awards! If you’d like to cast your vote for the awards, go here.

ASoIaF as eBook

You can now purchase all of the first three books as eBooks:

A Game of Thrones & A Clash of Kings (both in one eBook) in Microsoft Reader or Adobe Reader format.

A Game of Thrones in Microsoft Reader or Adobe Reader format.

A Clash of Kings in Microsoft Reader or Adobe Reader format.

A Storm of Swords in Microsoft Reader or Adobe Reader format.


Guardians of Order have announced that they will published a role-playing game based on A Song of Ice and Fire. It will initially feature two main rulebooks, one for the d20 System, and one for the Tri-Stat System. More information can be found at their message board.

A Storm of Swords Paperback

The US edition of the A Storm of Swords paperback is finally out, and unlike the UK edition it was not split in two parts. And, even better, it has a sample chapter from A Feast for Crows in it, the second chapter from one of the new PoVs!