Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


King’s Landing

Collecting Support
IC Date: Day 28 of Month 4, 163 AC. (about 7 pm)
RL Date: December 30, 2011.

Janden seeks out Aurana to ask for her help with something, getting it along with a surprise.

Hunting for a Huntsman
IC Date: Day 18 of Month 4, 163 AC. (about 5 PM)
RL Date: December 21, 2011.

Luthor calls for Janden, seeking to speak with him about the boar hunt that took place. Also, an idea is brought up that would affect Janden's future.

Unexpected Winnings
IC Date: Day 3 of Month 4, 163 AC. (about 5 PM)
RL Date: December 05, 2011.

Janden Melcolm encounters Farin Prester not long after the White Tourney and a surprise is given.

Constrained by Courtesy
IC Date: Day 26 of Month 3, 163 AC.
RL Date: November 29, 2011.

The long-awaited confrontation between the Longeaxe and Alyard Corbray, which proves to be constrained by courtesy and the presence of two highborn women. Sparring bouts break out twixt Corbray and the heir to the Crag, while the Longaxe and Brynden Tully spar.

Revelry and Revelations
IC Date: Day 15 of Month 3, 163 AC
RL Date: November 18, 2011.

An autumn-themed revel outside the city's gates in a cleared meadow begins with music and revelry, and culminates with a revelation of other promises of fertility.

Fortune favors the bold
IC Date: Day 25 of Month 1, 163 AC (about 11 am)
RL Date: September 29, 2011.

A Crane hunting party returned with a masterless black stallion, carrying a real bad temper.

A Most Marvellous Marriage
IC Date: Day 14 of Month 1, 163 AC. (About 9 AM)
RL Date: September 18, 2011.

A grand feast is held in the Great Hall of the Old Keep to celebrate the union of Lord Justyn Serry and Lady Katla Greyjoy.

All In A Day’s Work…
IC Date: Day 8 of Month 1, 163 AC
RL Date: September 12, 2011.

A, first in many days, sunny morning finds ser Willard Ryger training his men in the yard. Many nobles come and go, stay and just pass. And the yard echoes with not only the clangor of swords clashing, but also with words of wisdom and of wit, and of love, with friendships and admirations, and conflicts. With a flurry of events small and grand and the heir to Willow Wood somehow entangled in each of them.

Joust of Valor
IC Date: Day 7 of Month 12, 162 AC. (about 9 am)
RL Date: August 12, 2011.

The Joust of Valor in the Tournament of Love, in which Ser Jaesin Lannister is named champion.

Melee of Honor
IC Date: Day 7 of Month 12, 162 AC. (about 4 pm)
RL Date: August 11, 2011.

The Company of the Lance and the Brothers of the Battle meet in a melee before a cheering crowd. The Brothers emerge victorious, and the last combatant standing is the squire, Ryckon Westerling.

The Queen’s Joust of Love
IC Date: Day 6 of Month 12, 162 AC. (about 9 am)
RL Date: August 11, 2011.

On the first day of the Queen's Tournament of Love, a Joust of Love was held. After much pageantry and prowess by the knights of the Seven Kingdoms, and considerable wagering by their ladies, a number of knights (and a squire) distinguish themselves. In the end, Ser Almer Connington is named champion by the noble ladies present after a surprising act of chivalry in the lists, and makes an unexpected choice for his Queen of Love and Beauty.

Joust of Devotion
IC Date: Day 6 of Month 12, 162 AC
RL Date: August 10, 2011.

The Joust of Devotion in the Queen's Tournament of Love, in which Ser Mathin Lannister is named champion.

Laid to Rest
IC Date: Day 2 of Month 12, 162 AC. (about 10 am)
RL Date: August 07, 2011.

Lady Doryssa Massey, cruelly murdered by the pirate Sullehman Saan, is laid to rest.

“My name is Ammon Massey. You killed my sister. Prepare to Die….”
IC Date: Day 28 of Month 11, 162 AC ( about 9am )
RL Date: August 03, 2011.

While Ser Almer Connington and the injured squire, Ammon Massey, stand their vigil over the bodies of Doryssa Massey and Mellony Fossoway, the Warden of Crackclaw Point, his wife and several of his officers come to pay their respects.

In the Belly of the Black Wind
IC Date: Day 25 of Month 11, 162 AC
RL Date: July 31, 2011.

Sers Dagur Saltcliffe and Alyard Corbray, along with Dagur’s squire Ammon Massey, sneak aboard the Black Wind to rescue Dagur’s wife the lady Reyna Saltcliffe, and the ladies Mellony Fossoway and Katla Greyjoy – and then… run into complications.