Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Chivalry Awakens
IC Date: Day 5 of Month 8, 158 AC.
RL Date: May 03, 2007.

With all the turmoil in King’s Landing, where it’s said many a knight seems to forget his vows when at court, the sight of Prince Aemon the Dragonknight always brings such talk to a stop—at least when he is around. Finally fully recovered from the poisoned wound he took months ago in the service of his cousin, King Daeron, the prince has spent much time about his duties as the sole Kingsguard in the city, and he has kept his bedridden sister company in those hours which he has had free. For acquaintances and friends, he has had a little time, but they have noticed that even that has suddenly come nearly to an end for a new duty has been added to his tasks: seeing to the security of the Dornish hostages.

It is known that Prince CADAN recently had an audience with the Hand, Prince Viserys, and following it a command was sent to the tower of the Kingsguard. Prince Aemon met with his father while breaking their fast the next day, and within the hour he went to the Dornish tower. Servants there he consulted with Prince Cadan for nearly an hour more, before he was seen departing to join Ser Richard Harte—Commander of the City Watch—for an afternoon tour of some of the city gates. Once he returned to the castle, it seems he was invested with greater authority over the guardsmen assigned in the castle. More than half of the men regularly assigned to the Dornish tower detail were moved out of the castle all together, and replaced by men and officers from certain of the gates.

Since then, those familiar with the routine at the Dornish tower have noted that the guard at the entrance is doubled, and stands at all hours, and that there are guards set at every stairwell as well. The Dragonknight has even taken to visiting the Dornish, and even on one occasion took to practicing at arms with the Dornish knights in their small yard (although it’s true that some seem less than pleased at the prospect). In the wake of certain threats towards the hostages and those who associate with them alike, it seems the Hand of the King has taken the task of protecting the royal “guests” with all seriousness.