Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


King’s Landing Tourney (Day 9)
IC Date: Day 25 of Month 6, 159 AC.
RL Date: March 16, 2008.

Gathered in the throne room were what seemed to be half the nobles in the realm, as a great royal feast was arranged to close the tourney. All of the royal kin were present, and seated among the high table were lords such as Loren of House Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock. It was a grand occasion indeed, with music and entertainers, with a free flow of wine and a constant flow of savories, confections, roasted meats, delicacies, and more. In the course of it, a silence was called for with a royal fanfare sounded by a trumpeter, so that all might attend as King Daeron spoke. Speaking at first of the many acts of prowess and courage during the past eight tourneys, and all the other contests besides, the Young Dragon promised that greater days of peace and victory both were ahead. Seven champions had defended the lists on that final day, a holy number, and he compared it to the Kingsguard, those seven Sworn Brothers who served the king and the realm with faithful, selfless courage. But then King Daeron acknowledged that it had been long and long since the Sworn Brothers were six, not seven, ever since Ser Fulk Staedmon fellow at the Carrion Woods nearly two years before. His grace said it was time to end mourning, and the day had come for a new Kingsguard.

So it was that before what seemed to be much of the nobility, Ser Jaesin Lannister was called before the king, and was sworn into the White Swords while Lord Loren watched with pleasure—despite losing his heir, some would say—and his brother Jonn seemed stricken. The High Septon himself lead the golden-haired knight through his vows, the king fastened his cloak about his shoulders, and Lord Commander Reynard Caron himself assisted him to his feet to greet his new Sworn Brothers. Among them, his great friend Prince Aemon, embraced him. From there the king gave Ser Jaesin his first command, to serve as sworn shield for the beautiful Princess Daena, the previous day’s Queen of Love and Beauty. Naming her precious, he said that she would never be more so, now that he had to accede to the small council. It was unclear at first of what he spoke, and then many believed that at last the king would betroth his sister and prepare to marry her, making her his queen. But when he called the toast, it was to announce that the princess was to be betrothed to his brother, the Prince of Dragonstone, Baelor. It was a surprise for many, yet they cheered nonetheless.

After the momentous occasion, it is no surprise that Princess Daena seemed a bundle of nerves as she disbursed rewards to good and honest knights and ladies who had assisted in the recovery of certain items of worth, rather than allowing the unscrupulous to make off with them. Among those so honored were Lady Elyn Ryswell, Lady Kellyn Lannister, Lady Marian Stark, Ser Bonifer Buckwell, Seth Blackwood, Ser Almer Connignton, Ryssa Waters, Lady Reyna Saltcliffe, and Ser Bryon Waynwood. Once they received their rewards, the feasting resumed in full force, with much more to discuss and gossip about than before. Many lords and ladies showed their grace and courtesy during the dancing that became a favored activity in the later hours of the feast.