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12.2.1. Pentos
  • Important leaders of Pentos are named magisters (I: 23)
  • Pentos sits on a bay (I: 24)
  • Pentos has many square, brick towers (I: 24)
  • There is no slavery in Pentos, but powerful men can flaunt such laws. This prohibition is due to a treaty that the Braavosi imposed on Pentos about a hundred years prior to the novels (I: 26. V: 21)
  • Pentoshi men wear dyed, forked beards which they oil (I: 27)
  • Servants in Pentos wear collars of bronze (I: 29)
  • Beautiful works of art, such as old carved figures of the Seven, could sell handsomely in Pentos (II: 116)
  • Some Pentoshi vessels have carved figureheads (III: 89)
  • Pentoshi ships trade in spices such as saffron and pepper (III: 97, 111)
  • Pentos is more populous than Astapor on Slaver's Bay, and may be one of the most populous of the Free Cities (III: 266)
  • Sellswords are common in Pentos (III: 267)
  • Pentoshi, Braavosi, and Lysene are great lovers of song, and generous with those who please them (III: 356)
  • Troupes of Pentoshi tumblers are sometimes hired for special events, such as great weddings, in Westeros (III: 676)
  • Lifelike, painted marble statues (V: 20)
  • Pentos produces a pale, amber wine (V: 22)
  • A Pentosi meal of hot peppers and pearl onins in a bowl, a broth of crab and monkfish, cold egg lime soup, quails in honey, a saddle of lamb, goose livers in wine, buttered parsnips, suckling pig with a plum sauce, and mushrooms with garlic and butter. This is followed by heron stuffed with figs, veal cutlets blanced with almond milk, creamed herring, candied onion, foul-smelling cheeses, snails and sweetbread, and a black swan in its plumage (V: 25-26, 28)
  • It is considered a breach of hospitality to poison a guest at supper (V: 27)
  • A magister poisoned by a mushroom (V: 27)
  • The Prince of Pentos has a menagerie containing a pride of lions (V: 28)
  • The prince presides at balls and feasts, and rides through Pentos in a palanquin of ivory and gold with three heralds before him, carrying the golden scales of trade, the iron sword of war, and the silver scourge of justice. On the first day of each new year, he deflowers the maid of the fields and the maid of the seas. But if a crop fails or a war is lost, his throat is slit and a new prince is chosen from among the forty families (V: 30)