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5.2.1. Riverrun
  • Riverrun sits on the Red Fork of the Trident (I: 18)
  • The godswood is a bright and airy garden, with redwoods, flowers, nesting birds, and streams. (I: 18)
  • Riverrun has a low bailey (I: 367)
  • Riverrun's water stair, connected to the lower bailey, leads to one of the rivers (I: 367)
  • The battlements of Riverrun is crenelated and has arrow loops (I: 581)
  • A siege of Riverrun, in order to succeed, must have three separate camps separated by rivers. There is no other way (I: 582)
  • Riverrun is situated on the point where the Tumblestone River flows into the Red Fork. When danger threatens, sluice gates can be opened to fill a wide moat and leave the castle surrounded on all three sides by water (I: 638)
  • Riverrun's walls rise sheer from the water (I: 638)
  • Riverrun commands a view of many miles (I: 638)
  • Riverrun's moat is west of the rivers (I: 638)
  • The Tumblestone, north of Riverrun, has a strong current (I: 656)
  • The Wheel Tower has a great waterwheel within it which is turned by the Tumblestone whose waters go through it (I: 656)
  • Below the Wheel Tower one makes a wide turn and ends up in churning waters. Eventually one can reach the Water Gate (I: 656)
  • The Water Gate is named so for being half in the water. Its iron portcullis is red with rust in its lower half, and the last foot drips with mud when raised (I: 656)
  • Many boats are tied up within the Water Gate, secured to iron rings in the walls (I: 657)
  • The water stair leads up from the Water Gate (I: 657)
  • Riverrun's walls are massive, made of sandstone (I: 657)
  • Riverrun's guardsmen wear fish-crested helms (I: 658)
  • The inner keep is triangular, like Riverrun itself, and the lord's solar is triangular as well with a stone balcony jutting eastwards. The solar can be reached by a spiral stairway (I: 658)
  • Riverrun's godswood has a slender, carved weirwood (I: 661)
  • Ivy climbs up the Wheel Tower (I: 661)
  • Mint grows in Riverrun's godswood (I: 661)
  • Large councils are held in the Great Hall, where the high seat of the Tullys sits (I: 662)
  • The lord's solar commands a view of the east where the Tumblestone and Red Fork meet (II: 86)
  • Riverrun's sept is made of sandstone, set amidst gardens. Painted marble images represent the Seven (II: 476)
  • Riverrun has a brewhouse (II: 476)
  • Inside Riverrun, the doors are made of heavy redwood (II: 484)
  • The dungeons of Riverrun are windowless (II: 575)
  • The doors of the dungeon cells are heavy and made of wood and iron (II: 576)
  • The walls of the worst cells are patched with nitre (II: 576)
  • Through the stones of the dungeon walls the rush of the Tumblestone can be faintly heard (II: 576)
  • Skiffs are kept at the castle to use on the river (III: 16)
  • The lord's bedchamber is dominated by a huge bed with posts carved to look like leaping trouts (III: 28)
  • The bedchamber is half a turn up the tower steps from the lord's solar (III: 28)
  • The balcony outside the solar is triangular in shape, and has a rough stone balustrade (III: 28)
  • The steward of Riverrun carries a staff with which he bangs the floor to call people forward for their audience or to call the end of audience and dismiss everyone (III: 157, 158)
  • There is a private audience chamber above the Great Hall with a high seat for the lord and a bell to ring for servants (III: 162, 163)
  • The Water Gate is arched (III: 393)
  • Properly garrisoned, Riverrun can hold supplies for men and horses for as long as two years (IV: 491)
  • The Tumblestone is depper and swifter than the Red Fork near Riverrun, and the nearest fording there is leagues upstream (IV: 568)
  • A garrison of two hundred men is larger than Riverrun requires in most circumstances (IV: 660)