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7.2.3. Ancestors and History
  • King Loren of the Rock opposed the Targaryen conquest with King Mern of the Reach. He was able to escape the Field of Fire and pledge his fealty. He begot a son, who continued his line of the Lannisters (I: 103)
  • Tywin Lannister was the Hand of the King for twenty years. Aerys came to the throne young and wanted a young court, and had known Tywin from youth (I: 103. SSM: 1)
  • The Lannisters trace their descent through the female line back to Lann the Clever, a trickster from the Age of Heroes who allegedly tricked the Casterlys out of Casterly Rock (I: 231, 680)
  • Ninety years before the events of the books, Tya Lannister and Gowen Baratheon (third son of the reigning Lord of Storm's End) were married and produced only one child, a son who died in infancy (I: 406)
  • Thirty years prior to the above, a male Lannister took a Baratheon woman to wife, producing three daughters and a son (I: 406)
  • The Lannisters are descended from Andal adventurers who carved out a kingdom in the western hills and valleys (I: 680)
  • Many years before (HK-16 years), Ser Damon Lannister was a noted knight. By the time of (HK) he was Lord of Casterly Rock and was called the Gray Lion (THK: 485)
  • Damon Lannister's heir was Tybolt Lannister, who in HK was also a knight of note (THK: 491, 493)
  • Tywin Lannister was the last Hand of King Aerys' who left his office alive, unharmed, and still with all his lands and wealth intact (II: 41)
  • It is common knowledge in Casterly Rock that Gregor Clegane killed Elia Targaryen and her young son, and it is said that he raped the princess with the blood and viscera of her child on his hands, all on Lord Tywin's orders (II: 203)
  • Doran Martell's hatred for House Lannister is well known (II: 203)
  • Jaime Lannister was the youngest knight to ever wear the white cloak of the Kingsguard at the age of 15 (II: 581. SSM: 1)
  • While Hand, Lord Tywin had had hopes to make a royal marriage between his daughter Cersei and one of the Targaryen princes, either Prince Viserys when he matured or Prince Rhaegar should his wife have died in childbed. He kept her with him at court to further this end (III: 128)
  • Jaime Lannister served four years as squire to Lord Sumner Crakehall before winning his spurs against the Kingswood Brotherhood at 15 years of age. He was knighted by Ser Arthur Dayne himself for valor on the field, after saving Lord Sumner's life from Big Belly Ben and holding his own against the Smiling Knight (III: 128, 129, 130, 753)
  • Lord Tywin considered marrying his heir Jaime to Lysa Tully of Riverrun (III: 128)
  • Cersei Lannister seems to have had much to do with the chosing of her brother Jaime for the Kingsguard (III: 128)
  • Ser Jaime was chosen to the Kingsguard only a little over a month after the death of old Ser Harlan Grandison, who passed away in his sleep (III: 128)
  • Ser Ilyn Payne had been captain of Lord Tywin's guard while he was Hand. He once boasted that it was the Hand who truly ruled the realm, and Aerys ripped his tongue out for it (III: 128)
  • Lord Tywin was furious that he had lost his heir to the Kingsguard. He gave up the Handship on a thin pretext and returned to Casterly Rock, taking Cersei with him (III: 129)
  • Jaime Lannister had won a tourney melee at 13 while still a squire (III: 129)
  • Casterly Rock had not suffered betrayals gentle since Tywin Lannister was old enough to go to war (III: 159)
  • The Kings of the Rock sometimes wed Westerlings before the Conquest (III: 162)
  • The Reynes and Castamere and the ancient Tarbecks of Tarbeck Hall were entirely extinguished by Lord Tywin when he was still half a boy and only his father's heir (III: 223. SSM: 1, 2)
  • When Lord Farman of Faircastle on Fair Isle grew truculent, Lord Tywin sent an envoy with a lute to play "The Rains of Castamere". Lord Farman ceased to give further trouble (III: 223. TSS: 121)
  • The Lannisters no longer own any weapons of Valyrian steel, but the old Kings of the Rock had owned one. The greatsword Brightroar had been lost when King Tommen II carried it back to Valyria on some fool's quest and never returned (III: 359)
  • Gerion Lannister, the youngest and most reckless of Lord Tywin's siblings, had gone seeking after Brightroar some eight years past and never returned (III: 359)
  • At least three times has Lord Tywin offered to buy a Valyrian steel longsword from impoverished lesser houses, but his advances had always been firmly rebuffed (III: 359)
  • No Lannister has ever drowned in his bath, or so it's said (III: 417)
  • The ruling Princess of Dorne, her daughter Princess Elia, and her son Prince Oberyn visited Casterly Rock many years ago, when Tyrion Lannister was a newborn. It was some 25 years ago, when Elia was fifteen or sixteen. Oberyn was a year younger than she was. Cersei and Jaime were 8 or 9 at the time (III: 433)
  • Casterly Rock was deep in mourning after the death in childbed of Lady Joanna, Lord Tywin's wife. It was said by his brothers that Lord Tywin greatly loved her and was a different man before she died, and others say that Lady Joanna ruled Lord Tywin as he ruled the Seven Kingdoms as Aerys's Hand (III: 433)
  • When Tyrion Lannister was born, rumor of him went far and wide. In Oldtown they spoke of the monster that had been born to the Hand, and what such an omen might foretell for the realm (III: 434)
  • Some said that Lord Tywin had made himself greater than King Aerys, but that only a god could stand higher than a king, and so his malformed dwarf son was his curse and punishment for his pride and arrogance (III: 434)
  • The newborn Tyrion was reported to have a stiff curly tail like a swine's. His head was supposed to be huge, half again the size of his body, and he was covered with thick black hair and a beard besides, an evil eye, and lion's claws. His teeth were said to be so long that he could not close his mouth, and between his legs were a girl's privates as well as a boy's (III: 434)
  • The first time Thoros of Myr rode into a melee, when Robert was still a new king, Ser Kevan Lannister's horse reared and threw him when confronted with the priest's flaming sword (III: 490)
  • Lord Tywin's father was a gentle and amiable man, but so weak his bannermen mocked him, other lords borrowed his gold and never troubled to repay it, court wits japed of toothless lions, and even his own mistress stole from him the jewels of his wife (III: 745. SSM: 1)
  • Lord Tywin became Hand when he was no more than 20 years of age (III: 745)
  • Lady Joanna was a companion to Princess Rhaella in her youth, along with the future ruling Princess of Dorne who was her friend (III: 795)
  • It seems the ruling Princess of Dorne planned to wed Princess Elia or Prince Oberyn to one of Lord Tywin's children, or both of them to his twins. However, after his wife's death he was unreceptive and offered the newborn Tyrion, which was seen as an insult (III: 795, 796)
  • When King Gyles the Third, of House Gardener, ruled the Reach, he led his army east to fight the Storm King, only to have King Lancel the Fourth or the Fifth of the Rock attack him. He was met by Ser Wilbert Osgrey, whose House held the office of Marshalls of the Northmarch. Allegedly the two fought for half a day, until Ser Wilbert was nearly cut in half by Brightroar but was yet able to kill King Lancel with his dagger. The westermen gave up their expedition (TSS: 91)
  • In 211, Ironborn reavers had carried off half the wealth of Fair Isle and some hundred women, and had probably raided elsewhere on the westerlands coast (TSS: 121)
  • Ser Gerold Lannister, brother to Lord Tybolt of Casterly Rock, was a desultory suitor for the hand of Lady Rohanne Webber in 211. However, as an advisor to his brother it was unlikely he'd forego the Rock for a small lordship in the Reach (TSS: 123-124)
  • By 211, Lord Damon, the Grey Lion, was dead and his eldest son Tybolt was Lord of Casterly Rock (TSS: 124)
  • Lord Tytos died while his son Tywin was in King’s Landing, serving as Hand to King Aerys. It is said he was very fat and that his heart burst as he climbed the steps of Casterly Rock to see his mistress (IV: 50)
  • When Lord Tywin returned to Casterly Rock following his father’s death, he found Tytos’s mistress wearing the jewels and a gown of Tytos’s late wife. Tywin had stripped them from her, and all her other belongings, and had her paraded naked through Lannisport for a fortnight so that she could confess to her being a thief and a harlot (IV: 52)
  • Lord Tytos was generous to his children in his will (IV: 114)
  • Lannisport teems with distant kins to the Lannisters: Lannys, Lannetts, Lantells, and other lesser Lannisters. Many of them have the yellow hair (IV: 305)
  • Tyrion was a name of Lannister kings (IV: 358)
  • While Hand, Tywin Lannister planned to wed his daughter to Prince Rhaegar, and promised her this when she was six. When Rhaegar was a new-made knight, he visited the west with King Aerys. Lord Tywin hosted a grand tourney, which Rhaegar won, and it was at the feast afterwards where the betrothal was to be announced. King Aerys rejected the proposal, however, saying that kings do not wed their sons to their servants (IV: 360-361)
  • Lord Tytos wed his only daughter, Genna, to Emmon Frey. He was 14 years of age, and she was half that. He agreed to wed her for no better reason than to please Lord Walder Frey, because he was weak and eager to please. When it was announced, Lady Tarbeck laughed, the Red Lion of Castamere stalked angrily out of the hall, and only Tywin -- a boy of ten -- dared to speak out against it (IV: 498, 502)
  • Tywin Lannister smiled to see Tarbeck Hall come crashing down on Lady Tarbeck (IV: 500)
  • The reaving of the ironborn under Lord Dagon led the Lannisters to begin to build ships for an attack against the Iron Islands (TMK: 664)
  • Quentyn Ball defeated Lord Damon Lannister, the Grey Lion, and forced him to flee to Casterly Rock during the Blackfyre Rebellion (TMK: 669)
  • The Grey Lion, Lord Damon Lannister, was once defeated in the lists by Black Tom Heddle (TMK: 675)
  • Tywin Lannister replaced the fleet he lost at the hands of the Greyjoy's during their rebellion, to the number of 20 or 30 vessels. As with all of the Great Houses save the Greyjoys, the Lannisters depend on their bannermen to fill out their fleet (SSM: 1)
  • Lady Joanna was younger than the Princess of Dorne who was her friend, but she was not significantly older than her husband Tywin (SSM: 1)