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Norescon (Boston, MA; September 2-6)

King Maekar I did NOT die in battle against one of King Aegon IV's bastard sons. That shoots down the theory that he died in battle against Bloodraven or Bittersteel.

The King of the Mummers probably will not make an appearence in AFfC but Harry the Heir might. It wil depend on where he decides to end AFfC and begin ADwD.

He likes writing Arianne Martell and Asha Greyjoy and again made the "the women are taking over" statement.

AFfC might not take up the 5 year "gap". He's not sure how long a time the story may encompass.

After reading us the newest Arya chapter, he will probably go back and re-write it. While reading it he found some things he might need to change.

He already has a 3rd Dunk and Egg story written and will probably finish it after he completes AFfC.