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George R.R. Martin

New GRRM Interview

Another new (and quite interesting) interview with GRRM is now available, this one at the Dragonsworn site.

New GRRM Interview

A new interview, with some interesting information, can be found here.

New GRRM Interview

A new interview with GRRM can be found here. To play it, download the zipped file. You will need a recent version of Windows Media Player or just the most recent codec.

Martin at Bubonicon

GRRM will be at Bubonicon 35 in Albuquerque, New Mexico from the 22nd to the 24th. It’s a great opportunity for residents of the Southwest to meet the man himself

The schedule includes GRRM giving a 50 minute reading on Friday and taking part in two panels that day and on Saturday. Charles Vess, illustrator for the limited edition of A Storm of Swords will also be there. Perhaps he’ll bring some of the art he’s produced for the novel? One can hope!